Almarai is the largest, most trusted dairy brand in the GCC and the world’s largest integrated dairy foods company. With almost four decades of expertise in producing high quality dairy products. Almarai is also the largest manufacturer and distributor of food and beverage products in the region. Ranked as the number one brand in consumer products in the MENA region, Almarai is now the undisputed market leader across its product categories in Jordan, Egypt and all Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. 

Website development

Almarai's website is a rich portal to their products and culture. We built a robust platform to manage the wealth of information that an organisation of Almarai's scale needs to convey to their customers, suppliers and investors. At the root of the site is the products section, this area needed to provide a clear and concise view into the massive range of Almarai's products appealing both a consumer and B2B user base.

All content on the site is served in both Arabic and English.


And app development...

Almarai wanted to expose their audience to their flagship products as well as give something back to their online community. As Almarai is a big household name, we wanted to create something that was fun, engaging and appealling to all age groups – something that would evoke a sense of delight. Whatever we created needed to feel like a natural engagement for their audience (which is family oriented), not a sales tool. Building a mobile app felt like the best way to capture their attention. An app accessible from anywhere at anytime and easy enough to spend just five minutes or half an hour on. Flexing our mobile app skills, we delivered an arcade game called Almarai Hoops where the user has to toss hoops over Almarai fruit juice and milk bottles aiming to get the highest possible score within 60 seconds. Built on a robust HTML5 and Javascript platform, we delivered the game across leading mobile platforms as well as social media channels. Sporting a leaderboard of the top scorers and various associated competitions, the app was a huge hit enjoying more than 28,000 downloads in the first month.